Terms of Use

SVEVID Ltd. provides an on-demand video service via the SVEVID platform that is available by using the IPTV protocol for the Internet distribution channel.

The service is available to broadband Internet users in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro, with a tendency to expand its availability to new and future markets, in accordance with the business plan of SVEVID Ltd.

During the registration process, users opt for a subscription model, which defines the time duration and method of payment. All registered users with an active subscription have unlimited access to the platform catalogue and all its features: unlimited educational and informative content viewing, unlimited movie and series viewing, no commercials, up to three registered devices, participation in curating certain parts of the catalogue and additional user capabilities available in future versions of the platform.

The user access renewal model is automatically activated upon the expiration of the selected subscription period until the suspension of the model initiated by the user or SVEVID Ltd.

The offered model includes a 14-day trial period, the expiry of which will be notified to the user by e-mail at the address specified in the user registration process, after which the one-time payment of the selected model is automatically activated.

The user has the option of canceling the subscription during the trial period or the subscription period, during which he will have full access to the content of the platform after which he is denied the possibility to watch AV content, but he can still freely explore the content of the platform.

Billing services are made once a month at the beginning of the subscription period via the selected payment method. Available payment methods are listed below:

a) indirectly using the PAYPAL service

b) directly using a payment account opened by the payment service provided by Stripe online payment platform.

The payment model is selected during the process of registering a new user using the online form.

The information collected during the registration process is used to identify users in the system and for the internal needs of SVEVID Ltd.; it is not shared with third parties and is fully compliant with the GDPR regulation on personal data protection.

In order to improve its functionality and user experience, the platform uses so-called cookies to capture user's habits and experiences.

In order to improve visibility and to adjust the content to the needs of the market, the platform uses so-called Google AdWords.

Any attempt to use the SVEVID Platform and its content in a way that does not comply with the Terms of Use, including unauthorized dubbing, projection, and distribution of the platform content, user account transfer to the third parties, as well as any other forms of unauthorized use or misuse will be reported and processed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.