Hulahop was founded in 2006 by Dana Budisavljević and Olinka Vištica. In their first joint-venture they invested years of experience in producing films and organizing film festivals (student festival F.R.K.A., Motovun Film Festival, ZagrebDox). Ever since at Hulahop, they have been trying to give a valid answer to the question if films can be greater than life. Well, even if they can’t it is not reason enough to stop making them.

Movies and shows

  • 2012.
  • 50 min
  • Comedy

I can’t remember when I started having breakfasts with my father. But it’s always on Tuesday at 9. We have had probably more than 500 breakfasts till today. Since my mother came back to Croatia, I have lunch with her on Sundays. My brother sometimes joins us.

  • 2019.
  • 88 min
  • Drama

Eighty years after World War II, survivors return to the sites of former Ustasha camps only to find that they owe their lives to the selflessness and determination of one woman. An untold story of Austrian born Diana Budisavljević who led one of the largest children’s rescue campaigns of World War II.