Movie Three Summer Days (1997.)

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Life of refugees from Bosnia in Serbia during the war years.


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Avala Film

Three Summer Days

Gordan Mihić also wrote the screenplay for this film dealing with the devastation in spiritually devastated Belgrade. As a film director, he was very productive during the 1990s (he did not really “stand still” during the following decades, either), as he made almost ten films and two TV shows. The leading characters of the movie Three Summer Days (Tri letnja dana) are Sergije (Slavko Štimac), a refugee from Croatia, and Nikola (Srđan Todorović), a refugee from Bosnia; they both  participated in the war, but they admit that they were better off there because they knew who they were shooting at and now they do not know what hit them. They are trying to make some money by selling umbrellas on the black market, but they are aware that others, living in a world of crime, are doing much better, even though their lives are constantly at stake. Sergije and Nikola meet Sonja (Mirjana Joković), a hardcore drug addict who finances her addiction through prostitution and theft. They are trying to help her, but it seems that they also need someone to look after them. The film is characterized by an interesting atmosphere, in a way it represents a continuation of the black wave that in the second half of the sixties revived Serbian cinema (Mihić was one of the most active participants in it), but it is not so fierce, rather melancholic and despairing. It was directed by Mirjana Vukomanović, renowned for her work in television and theater, but this was her only cinema film praised by the critics (it is difficult to list all its awards – from Herceg Novi, Vrnjačka Banja and Niš, all the way to German Cottbus, where it competed in the Eastern European film selection), even ran for an Oscar (though it had no chance of being shortlisted); however, the movie went quite unnoticed in cinemas, while the DVD distribution was satisfactory. In addition to the three main actors, the film features also best known Serbian film actors – Milena Dravić, Mirjana Karanović, Petar Kralj, Petar Božović and many others. Many will be attracted by the fact that the music was composed by Vlatko Stefanovski. Author: Nenad Polimac

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