Movie The Medusa Raft (1980.)

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Deep in the country, two young teachers go about their daily tasks while dreaming of big cities and adventures.


101 min






Viba film

The Medusa Raft

His first long feature film, the then renowned director of photography Karpo Godina, was given through a "small door". Branko Vučićević (they also collaborated on Early Works (Rani radovi), The Role of My Family in the Revolution (Uloga moje porodice u svjetskoj revoluciji) and Life of a Shock Force Worker (Slike iz života udarnika)) wrote his first solo screenplay about a Zentist group, a controversial Belgrade-Zagreb modernist of the 1920s, who teamed up with two adventurous teachers from Vojvodina province, who perform unusual performances involving body-builders, make jokes of cultural heritage ( The Mountain Wreath (Gorski vijenac) book is good primarily because it can stop the bullet) and they experience all sorts of adventures from Vojvodina to Slovenia. Although these were authentic persons (Ljubomir Micić et al.), the screenwriter changed their names to emphasise the difference between fiction and reality. Filip David liked the text, he was the editor of the drama editorial office at Television Belgrade, who gave his permission for the film to be made on 16mm tape, but a young crew of playwright led by Drago Jančar arrived to Viba film, who suggested that the film should be co-produced, so that Slovenians will finance the work with a 35mm camera. There were changes in the script, but there was no telling choice of how everything had to end, with a banned movie magazine from the post-war years, about how blind children experience socialism. The film was very notable on Pula Film Festival, but it did not win any awards, which is not surprising, because the president of the jury was Draško Redžep, director of Neoplanta Film, who bunked all of the Godina's short films. That is why in 2011, in a large survey of the daily newspaper Delo, the participants proclaimed it the best achievement in the history of Slovenian cinematography, and the European Association of Cinematographers in the book that in 100 years emphasizes 100 films, proclaimed the Year of 1980 as the year of the The Medusa Raft. The title refers to Théodore Géricault's famous picture of ship wreckers from the Medusa frigate, whose situation was very similar to that of the protagonist of this movie. Author: Nenad Polimac

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