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Peter, a painter, personifies man’s longing for happiness: he would like to meet the ideal woman, the perfect companion in life.


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Triglav film

A Dance in the Rain

In the world, the French New Wave was already an established phenomenon and the modernism was noticeable in many other cinemas, but arrived in Yugoslavia only in 1961. The Pula festival mostly ignored Aleksandar Petrović's solo debut And Love Has Vanished ( Dvoje) with Beba Lončar and Miha Baloh, the story of the beginning and breakup of a love affair, to be accepted into the Cannes' official program next year, but for that reason, the debut film of Boštjan Hladnik Dance in the Rain ( Ples v dežju) was greeted with much more enthusiasm: it was awarded the Golden Arena for the main female role and a special degree in directing, though he could have done much better, since for many people it was the best achievement of the festival. Like in the movie And Love Has Vanished, the social context is completely ignored here, the protagonists only care about their own emotions, which was already a sufficient step up from their earlier achievements (the template is Dominik Smole's 1956 short novel Black Days and a White Day ( Črni dnevi in beli dan)), and their doubts and disappointments are expressed in a modern film language. It is already clear from the beginning that the two protagonists, the theatre actress at the end of her career (Počkaj) and the elementary school art teacher (Baloh), no longer love each other, which she hardly accepts, but he fools around without endearing, finding no pleasure in it either. The former assistant to Claude Chabrol does not have too many traces of the French New Wave (there are more in the film And Love Has Vanished), this is a visually polished proselyte typical of a European author film, with free play with time levels. The film also features an excellent acting performance by Duška Počkaj, who performed mainly in the theatres. In several surveys among Slovenian critics Dance in the Rain was proclaimed as the best realisation in the history of that cinema. Author: Nenad Polimac

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