Movie Love and Fashion (1960.)

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To make money for the aerial review, a group of students organize the fashion program for the "Yugochic" company, doing some small frauds as well.


105 min






Avala Film

Love and Fashion

During the period of the early 1960s, Yugoslav cinema was flooded with a new menace – commercial film. These were not the achievements that would compete at world film festivals, but it was important how much they attracted a large audience. For example, the comedy Shared Apartment ( Zajednički stan) was an adaptation of Dragutin Dobričanin's theatre play of the same name, filmed in only two weeks, which was a record at the time, while big queues of people standing towards cinemas to buy tickets were quite impressive. The same was the case with the romantic comedy Love and Fashion ( Ljubav i moda, 1960), which was an incomparably more complicated product, although it was not too much appreciated by movie critics. This is understandable as every detail in the movie, starting with the title, was in fact commercial bait. The movie featured the most popular singers from that time (Gaby Novak, Ivo Robić, Vlastimir Đuza Stojiljković), the most popular comedians (Mija Aleksić, Miodrag Petrović Čkalja), flying in a glider, fashion shows; briefly, it tried to attract the audience by everything that was represented an attraction in the newly awakened consumer society. On top of that, the leading actress Beba Lončar rode Vespa, which was just promoted by Italian and Hollywood films (remember Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck!). The movie was directed by the debut film director Ljubomir Radičević, who wrote the screenplay himself, along with director of photography Nenad Jovičić (the movie was, of course, shot in colour, without much finesse). The film critics called both of them for "cheap commercialism", but the audience did not pay attention to it. Plot? The main protagonist of the movie, fashion designer Bora (Dušan Bulajić), came across the vespa of the attractive Sonja (Lončar), and intolerance was immediately created among them. They have no idea that their paths will be constantly crossed and that their initial antipathy will grow into affection: everything will be smoothed out at a sumptuous fashion show uniting singers, comedians, models and main actors. Love and Fashion was one of the most popular movies of the season; while most other commercial products will be quickly forgotten, this one is still a phenomenon because it faithfully captured the spirit of the time, and its fans were ready to forgive some naivety in an instant. Author: Nenad Polimac

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