Movie A Summer in a Seashell (1985.)

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Young Tomaz has many problems.


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Viba film

A Summer in a Seashell

Tugo Štiglic, son of the great Slovenian director of international reputation France Štiglic, made his film debut in the mid-1950s in his father's war drama Valley of peace (Dolina miru), and when he had to make a life call, he opted for moviemaking. He first served as an assistant director, sometimes to his father, sometimes to other filmmakers, and made his directorial debut in 1986, when he was forty years old. He wisely opted for a film for young people, and in Slovenia great care was taken to ensure that the films they approve for production were varied by genre, which Štiglic Jr. made a good use of. The protagonist is 12-year-old Tomaž (David Sluga) who spends the last days of the summer with his mother (Marjana Karner) in Piran. His father (Dare Valič) is not with them, he and his mother have a disagreement, which is why the boy is not in a great mood, but he finds a best friend in his father's computer with whom he even learns how to communicate. He likes Milena (Kaja Štiglic), a girl of his age, and thanks to him, two opposing groups of boys, one from Piran, the other from Portorož, unite. Their common goal is to find the thief who steals clams from the farm of their mutual friend, the elder man Luka (Boris Kralj), and they find out that it is a motorcycle gang that "operates" in the surrounding area. As soon as he forgot about his family quarrels, especially since Milena is increasingly fond to him, and also the adventures with shells distract him, his parents reconcile, which has drastic consequences for the boy. The film has attracted an audience of over 55,000 people to Slovenian cinemas, which was a great success in a period of general fall in viewership, and has also been a success in other parts of Yugoslavia. Young protagonist Kaja Štiglic is the director's daughter. It was also the first time that a computer had played such an important role in Yugoslav film. Author: Nenad Polimac

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