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A film about three brothers who try to survive in a difficult, hostile and melancholic Slovenian countryside.


88 min

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The Flight of Dead Bird

In the "lead years" that followed after Karađorđevo, black wave champion Živojin Pavlović probably would have been forced to take a long break (he was degraded from the professor of directing to a teaching assistant at the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts), but luckily not the same rules were valid in all Yugoslav republics, and for the unwanted in Serbia there was some work available in Slovenia, especially since his Red Wheat (Rdeče klasje) brought the Golden Arena to that cinema. The assistant director in the film was publicist Branko Šömen, who offered Pavlović his new script and it was truly excellent. His protagonist is middle-aged Tjaš (Arnold Tovornik) from the Slovenian Prekmurje region, who remarries a loyal Anika (Majda Grbac), but like most men from the town, he has to go to work abroad, because he has no option for survival at home. His younger brother Ferenc (Polde Bibič) has just returned from there, he remodels the old mill to a restaurant, does not pay much attention to the tradition, but is attempting to take advantage of Tjaš's absence and renew his former relationship with Anika. The youngest Tunč (Rudi Kosmač) became a veterinarian partly because he understands animals better than humans, and he has a special relationship with Tjaš's wife, but is convinced that all problems can be solved through physical suffering. When Tjaš returns, tragedy happens. Pavlović has impressively directed The Flight of Dead Bird (Let mrtve ptice), a film with more layers even than the Red Wheat (Rdeče klasje), fascinatingly evoking the atmosphere of Prekmurje. His directorial background is most similar to Czech poetic realism from the late 1960s. The film avoided any ideological controversy, but in 1974, in Pula, it received only the Golden Arena for the screenplay and the main female role (Grbac). The fact that the best achievement of the festival in the division of major awards was bypassed in favor of the much weaker ones became a practice, characteristic of the period. Author: Nenad Polimac

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