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Lion, a boy of lion's heart, can't make decision which one of the two girls to chose.


85 min






The Lion is Coming

Boštjan Hladnik has come a long way from his hermetic film debut Dance in the Rain (Ples v dežju) to his greatest commercial success, Masquerade (Maškarada, 1971), which, due to its abundance of erotic scenes, had great resonance on the Yugoslav film scene. Although for him the sex scenes were never a particular problem, he probably thought that they were exaggerated, so next time he chose to film a relatively chamber romantic comedy, which was very well received at the Pula film festival, where in a relatively strong competition Hladnik received the Bronze Arena for directing, and his discovery, Marina Urbanc, a special diploma of the jury. Since special publicity was created around her, she might have been nominated for some larger award, but the festival was dominated by Božidarka Freit, an eternal episode actress and an ocasional model, who finally got a role in the film The Living Truth (Živa istina) directed by Tomislav Radić and was deservedly awarded the Golden Arena. The Lion from the title The Lion is Coming (Ko pride lev, 1972) is the main character of the film (Marko Simčič), who was born under the sign of lion and who is very fond of everything that has to do with these animals. He is an architect by profession, it is not difficult for him to constantly visit blood transfusion centers (he is a voluntary donor), and his love life is very complicated. Namely, he's having an affair with two young women, one is Mihaela (Milena Dravić), a melancholic nurse who would love the Lion to be a slightly more serious guy, and the other is Marijetica (Marina Urbanc), a bouncy schoolgirl with whom the young man seems to go through the temptations of first love (though he has had plenty of them already). These two women are emotional pole in his chaotic life, but the question is how far. Mihaela is already a little tired of waiting for the Lion to finally grow up and with Marietta he can never know what he is up to, whether he will leave her or vice versa. The director's and actors' playfulness fit perfectly in the frivolous, dramatic tone of the film; just like Masquerade, The Lion is Coming was made in co-production of a film company Viba Film Ljubljana and Zagreb Film. Author: Nenad Polimac

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