Movie Red Boogie (1982.)

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The film depicts the enthusiasm of youth, the blinding of men and their naive and presumptuous desire to undertake more than what they want to accomplish.


80 min






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Red Boogie

The renowned director of photography Karpo Godina also proved himself to be an interesting director (he belonged to the elite of film amateurs back in the late 1960s) with his debut album The Medusa Raft (Splav Meduze), to succeed with his subsequent achievement Red Boogie (Rdeči boogie or Kaj ti je deklica, 1982). He could not resist Branko Šömen's intriguing screenplay, a tragicomic story about the violent agitprop methods that tried to keep young people on the path of socialism. Just in case, he occasionally jumped in as a cameraman, but most of the work was done by Vilko Filač, "the Prague student", who distinguished himself by his contribution to Emir Kusturica's debut film, Do You Remember Dolly Bell (Sjećaš li se, Dolly Bell). The plot, of course, takes place in the post-war years, and the state radio station has assembled a team that will "raise morale" in kolkhozes with work events and various constructions. The agreement is that they play folk music, as it is appropriate, but young players are much more interested in jazz, and because of that they constantly come into conflict with their superiors. They are not exactly unique either, there are those who want to prove their loyalty to the new order, the so-called ideological commissioners, but also musicians fascinated by the new sound. This is also an opportunity for a lot of erotic adventures, where Max (Boris Cavazza) is the leader, but his colleagues do not come far behind him in this regard. The problem is that "folk" doesn't interest anyone, especially when they run into urban youth, and they also play it against their will, but jazz has a much more grateful audience, despite having to go political "interrogation" after every such performance. Humorous and tragic stories alternate, the latter when one tries to escape to Austria or Italy, but overall, it turns out that the state did not make a good move when it decided to experiment with musicians. The film was well received, screened in Pula in 1963, where it received the "Milton Manaki" criticism award and, due to its unusual theme, has also attracted attention outside Slovenia. Author: Nenad Polimac

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