Movie White Grass (1976.)

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When Dane returns from the army, Vera awaits him at the station, ready to live together with him.


95 min






Vesna film

White Grass

Boštjan Hladnik has directed many things in his career and even some softcore erotic movies in West Germany and Sweden, but it was unexpected from him to once decide on social dramas. However, this happened in 1976, the Pula festival was very weak at the time, so Hladnik's "experiment" jumped even further. It is a pity that the jury did not give him any recognition. What has already become a well-established practice has happened, when one Slovenian movie wins the main prizes (in this case it was Igor Pretnar's The Idealist (Idealist)), it is considered enough, so the other one should be ignored. The screenplay was written by Branko Šömen, who has already won the Golden Arena for Živojin Pavlović's The Flight of Dead Bird (Let mrtve ptice), so this may be why the movie White Grass (Bele trave) has missed out on all important awards. The story begins at a train station in a small town. Dane (Jože Horvat) has just served his military service, his girlfriend Vera (Marina Urbanc, Hladnik's discovery from the romantic comedy Thhe Lion is Coming (Ko pride lev)) is waiting for him, and their relationship hasn't lasted long, so they are not sure how to proceed further, when seemingly nothing can separate them now. They go to a mountainous area where Vera's parents have a house, but it turns out to be of no advantage: living in a cottage is difficult and unpleasant, so they quickly decide to return to the valley, where they both find work in a poultry combine. The people they meet there don't really encourage them, Jus (Polde Bibič) is married to Olga (Barbara Jakopič), but she is openly cheating on him with Marko (Ljubiša Samardzžić), who does not plan to legalize this relationship. Dane and Vera realize that here they have nothing to look for, and that it was still better to be in the mountains. Hladnik skillfully directed the film, used metaphors whenever needed and painstakingly portrayed a world where there was no specific future for young people: not much has changed since then. Author: Nenad Polimac

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