Movie Ballad of the Fierce One (1971)

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Deeply hurt by his wife's infidelity, a man leaves her and his son to live high up alone in the mountains.


86 min






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In the late 1950s and during the 1960s, Radivoje Lola Đukić was the king of Yugoslav comedy television series, remembered for his series Service station (Servisna stanica) and The Mirror of Citizen Pokorny (Ogledalo građanina Pokornog), in which the widest audience was entertained by Mija Aleksić and Miodrag Petrović Čkalja. At that time, it had already been forgotten that in 1950 he directed the social drama The Lake (Jezero, 1950), which was film critics claimed that was a socio-realism failure; it was ignored by the audience as well. Đukić later sought to prove that he was not only interested in humor, first in the series Black Snow (Crni sneg), in which in one episode the renowned Maria Crnobori played a real monodrama, and later in the movie Ballad of the Fierce One (Balada o svirepom, 1971). 

The latter series was completely atypical for him; his hero being a peasant Dmitar (Ljuba Tadić) who, upon returning from the forest, finds his wife Milja (Jagoda Kaloper) in bed with his neighbour Sava (Rade Marković). Taken aback, he forces Sava to pay Milja as if she were a prostitute, and humiliates her in front of the whole village. Then he goes to the Montenegrin mountains, leaving his minor son with her. He is well in the mountain, he even concludes that human society does not miss him at all; he even does not know that war has erupted in the valley. Soon he is contacted by his brother Petar (Dragomir Bojanić Gidra) who asks him to help him capture the band of robbers. Dmitar refuses, but the robbers come across and Dmitar recognizes Sava and his son among them. Is this an opportunity for revenge? 

The film was shot outside the competition at the Pula festival, however, it did not mean anything because great performances such as Young and Healthy as a Rose (Mlad i zdrav kao ruža) and The Bug Killer (Bubašinter) also ended there. The late Jagoda Kaloper, who partially exposed herself in Ballad of the Fierce One, remembered the movie as "very unusual" and was not sorry for accepting the engagement. 


Author: Nenad Polimac 

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