Damir Čučić (1972, Brežice, Slovenia) has worked as director, editor, screenwriter and executive producer of experimental, documentary and fiction films since 1989. He has directed over 30 short and four feature films and edited more than 120 films and TV programs. He is the founder of Mikrokino, a chain of cinema-theaters around Croatia screening short films. He has taught in over 30 workshops on documentary and experimental film. Occasionally, he exhibits his videos and photograms on solo and group exhibitions. His films have been screened at more than 200 international film festivals and on TV stations around Europe. He has won over 30 film awards. Filmography (selection) : Cities I Haven't Been To (2019), Summerhouse (2018), The Spirits Diary (2015), Mitch - Diary of a Schizophrenic (2014), A Letter to Dad (2012), Sky Spirits (co-author Boris Poljak, 2010), Anxiety (2010), Fractals (2009), The Torchbearer (co-author with Boris Poljak, 2009), Silent Frame (2008), Colours of the Invisible (2008), The Memory Tape (2007), City Killer (2007), Like a Fish in the Water (2007), La petite mort (2007), Rocking Chair (2005), Arabesca (2004), La Strada (2004), Invisible Rays (2002), Beyond (2002), The Forgotten (2002), Free Space (2000), Creatures From the Pictures (1999), Slivka (1999), Sea Over Split (1999), The Forth Shift (1999), In the Wrong Place and Time (1998), Off fuck off (1998), Film Against the Author (1998), Till Madness (1997), Ivica is Alone Again (1996), Meateating (1995), Carnival (1995), The Eye (1995), Addiction (1994)

Movies and shows

  • 2019.
  • 12 min
  • Experimental

As the camera glides along the façade of the former headquarters of Agrokor, until recently the biggest corporation in Croatia, the film reexamines the ways in which socio-economic shifts affect us all. In a country in which crime, politics and business are inextricably linked, how do we find who is responsible for the breakdown of one political system and its worldview?

  • 2020.
  • 12 min

We voyage across the seas. Geography is destiny.