Movies and shows

  • 1987.
  • 100 min
  • Drama

Obsessed by the dreams of a comfortable life, son of a coal miner comes back to his native country with plans to sell his father's house in order to travel to the African diamond mine in Katanga.

  • 1965.
  • 95 min
  • Drama

An ex-soldier named Slobodan Antic, referred to by a friend as one of the last idealists, finds himself losing control over his own life when a man identical to him starts following him around, claiming to be a friend but behaving suspiciously.

  • 1980.
  • 118 min
  • Drama

The two enemies from war, Slovenian partisan Berk and German soldier Bitter, meet each other during holidays in Spain. Recalling the war through conversation, Berk remembers Anton, his fellow comrade he had spend the most time with.

  • 1970.
  • 85 min
  • Drama

A story about a former partisan and post-war youth activist with the task of organizing the cooperative farm in a remote Styrian village.

  • 1973.
  • 88 min
  • Drama

A film about three brothers who try to survive in a difficult, hostile and melancholic Slovenian countryside.