Movies and shows

  • 1987.
  • 100 min
  • Drama

Obsessed by the dreams of a comfortable life, son of a coal miner comes back to his native country with plans to sell his father's house in order to travel to the African diamond mine in Katanga.

  • 1969.
  • 175 min
  • Drama

World war two drama about the 1943 battle around the Neretva River between Axis forces and the partisan units.

  • 1967.
  • 81 min
  • Action

Eight partisan soldiers are sent to a seemingly suicidal mission.

  • 1979.
  • 130 min
  • Drama

The story of the first Yugoslav Partisan air force unit.

  • 1976.
  • 95 min
  • Drama

When Dane returns from the army, Vera awaits him at the station, ready to live together with him.

  • 1984.
  • 99 min
  • Drama

A child gets taken away from its father, so he travels to New York to find it.

  • 1963.
  • 105 min
  • Drama

At the beginning of 1944 Hitler orders general Rendulich to destroy Josip Broz Tito as soon as possible and the ressistance movement in Yugoslavia which is a constant threat to the Germans.

  • 1980.
  • 55 min
  • Comedy

The adventures of Surda, a man in his 30s, who arrives from a small town to Belgrade to get rich.