About us

Inspired by heritage and driven by passion we bring you stories that connect us.

SVEVID is the first video on demand platform dedicated to promotion of audiovisual heritage of the countries in the region (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia). SVEVID invites you to explore over eighty years of our cultural heritage through carefully curated catalogue of digitally restored movies in high resolution. Now, for the first time, we give you best movies and series from this region on multilanguage platform – available also in English for all those who wish to meet us but weren't able to understand us. Immerse yourselves into our STORY mode and freely explore the thematically presented history of cinematography history from our countries. And enjoy on the way!

We started with 160 titles, including series and feature and animated films, but will continue to build our catalogue to include over 250 titles by the end of 2020, to come up to 600 hours of viewing material.

By choosing one of three subscription plans, starting at €4 (monthly, six months or yearly), you get unlimited access to the catalogue on three devices with one account, add free and with 14-day free trial.

SVEVID platform uses KINOW services for hosting, broadcasting and CMS combined with custom designed user interface for best user experience, designed proudly by Rational International to optimize use and improve performance for our users.